Employee Development

Courses Available But Not Currently Scheduled

Course Title
Another Change, Really? Keys to Effective Personal Change Management
Answering the Call to Greatness: Resilience and Accountability for the helping professional
Being Effective with Difficult People
Brief Introduction to Motivational Interviewing
Building Morale During Change
Business Writing and Grammar Made Simple and Strong
CalWORKs 2.0 and Building/Maintaining Rapport during the Case Management Process
CalWORKs 2.0 and Coaching Through Resistance
Communicating Customer Service Excellence
Confidentiality and Conflict of Interest in Human Services
Connecting in Times of Social Isolation
Cultural Competency with LGBTQ+ Individuals and the Community
Customer Service
Customer Service - It starts on the Inside
Customer Service, Community Collaboration & Marketing
Customized Communication - Speaking the Languages of Different Personality Styles
Defusing Hostile Situations: Crisis Intervention De-escalation Techniques for Trauma-Informed Practice
Diffusing Hostility and Violence
Effective Communication with Challenging Behaviors
Emotional Intelligence
English Grammar & Usage
Facilitation Skills Training
Family Resilience: Serving as Caregiver for Relatives and Working during COVID-19
Feeling Great About What You Do
Fundamentals of Professional Writing
Generational Diversity in the Workplace
Getting Ahead in Human Services By Managing Your Career
Helping Teams Excel: Stopping the Backbiting Bullying & Gossip
How to Work As a Team
How to Write Great Emails and More
Humor in the Workplace
Improving Team Performance: Clifton Strengths Finder
Inspiring Leadership Through Emotional Intelligence
Intermediate Excel: Formatting Charts Graphs and Formulas
Intermediate PLUS Excel: Data Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts
Interviewing and Investigation Techniques for Fraud Investigators
Leading and Innovating in Times of Change
Leading with Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
Maintaining Professional Objectivity
Maintaining Professional Objectivity, Composure and Boundaries
Motivating Yourself and Others
Motivating Yourself for Peak Performance
Motivating Yourself for Success
Navigating Conflict: The Good The Bad and The Ugly
One Team – No Seam
Organizing Yourself for Effectiveness
Professional Ethics in Public Assistance
Professional Writing
Providing Customer Service to People with Disabilities
Remote Learning 101 – An Introduction to Zoom and Other Tools
Revitalizing the Human Services Professional
Service With Compassion
Strength Focused Engagement Strategies for Helping Professionals
Team Building
Technical and Organizational Skills
The Employee Experience as a Valued Customer
Time and Stress Management
Time Management for Case Management
Treating Staff as Valued Customers
Vicarious and Secondary Trauma
Welfare to Work Case Management Organization for C-IV Counties
Wellness in the Workplace
Writing Effective Case Notes
Writing SMART Objectives
Writing Successful Letters, Memos and Reports
WTW Activities and Creating WTW Plans (Activity Agreements)