Getting Ahead in Human Services By Managing Your Career

This workshop presents a framework for understanding what the panel is looking for in candidates during a promotional interview, and ways candidates can manage their own career progression to improve their potential for being selected. Curriculum includes awareness of the reality that the agency’s business need impacts who is selected; assessing potential areas for personal and professional improvement in order to be considered more “promotable”; 20 suggested preparation steps to systematically consider; and multiple opportunities to practice the art of successful interviewing and responding to typical types of questions with guidance and feedback.

Participants will:

  • Reflect upon the ways alignment with the agency’s mission and values impacts behavior and attitude, and ultimately the opportunity to be promoted
  • Describe an understanding of succession planning as it relates to the agency’s business need and ways this reality impacts promotional opportunities
  • Receive tips for succeeding when interviewing for a new position
  • Walk through 20 action plan steps recommended for increasing promotional opportunities
  • Recognize potential barriers to career advancement and strategies for improving a negative reputation in the agency, if needed
  • Practice responding to typical interview questions, with coaching and feedback
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