This workshop will explain what emotional intelligence is, how it is currently playing out in our lives, and what we can do to raise it. It’s not education, nor experience, knowledge nor intellectual horsepower that fuels consistent success. We see examples of this every day in the workplace, in our homes, schools and communities. We observe brilliant and well-educated people struggle, while others with fewer skills or attributes flourish. Why? The answer almost always has to do with emotional intelligence.

Through group discussion, experiential activities, self-reflection, and deliberate practice, participants will leave the training with the tools and skills needed to raise their current level of emotional intelligence.

Topics Include:
  • Learning the four quadrants of emotional intelligence.
  • Diving deeper into emotions and how to recognize and use them effectively
  • Comparing and contrasting Low EQ vs. High EQ
  • Reviewing and discussing your EQ results
  • Developing an action plan for growth and development
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