Being Effective with Difficult People

This workshop focuses on interpersonal communication and relationships with co-workers, supervisors and subordinates. Participants will learn how their behavior and attitudes impact others and how to positively deal with difficult behaviors.

Participants will learn the characteristics of effective working relationships such as how to set the stage for active listening, use questions in a positive way and give the feedback needed for successful communication.

This workshop focuses on how to generate positive outcomes to job-related conflicts.

Discover ways to create opportunities for positive interactions in the workplace
Understand barriers to inter-personal communication.

Topics include:

  • Learn to persuade and influence others
  • Define ways to deal with criticism
  • Practice ways to manage disagreements and conflict
  • Respond to specific difficult behaviors
  • Understand the real issues—stay focused and avoid smokescreens
  • Examine ways to alleviate defensive behavior
  • Practice methods to reach win-win outcomes
  • Reconcile individual and organizational priorities
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