CalWORKs 2.0 and Building/Maintaining Rapport during the Case Management Process

The world of Welfare to Work is changing with the addition of OCAT(Online CalWORKs Appraisal Tool), Family Stabilization, CalWORKs2.0, and shifting the focus from “Work First” to “Work Focused.” Building and maintaining trust and rapport is more important than ever before. This requires an integrated and complex set of skills and strategies based on the principles of self-sufficiency and collaboration. This training offers opening strategies to use with customers in the early stages of the case management relationship and discusses the process of establishing and maintaining the helping relationship.

Learning Objectives

  • Recognizing individual biases and micro-aggressions
  • Identifying how to create and maintain trust throughout the relationship
  • Creating an environment of mindful conversations
  • Exploring strategies for strength-based, focused engagement during the OCAT and case management interactions
  • Self-assessing personal roadblocks to listening
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