Writing Successful Letters, Memos and Reports

Letters, memos, and reports require writing that is clear, concise, complete and objective. This workshop gives participants a solid understanding of how to write effectively to fulfill reader needs. Participants will practice sharpening their written communication skills with hands-on, interactive, exercises designed to improve their professional writing. This workshop helps participants understand and incorporate the qualities and components of effective professional writing.

Topics Include:

  • Identifying the qualities and importance of excellent professional writing
  • Describing the impact of writing quality on document effectiveness
  • Recognizing the influence of audience needs of writing style
  • Structuring documents for reading ease
  • Describing, identifying, and producing objective, clear, and complete writing communication
  • Editing and examining for common redundancies and unclear writing to effectively generate summaries and reports on events
  • Using writing matrices to improve objectivity, flow, and completeness of documents and emails
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