CalWORKs 2.0 and Coaching Through Resistance

"With implementation of CW 2.0 and OCAT, the roles of the WTW case manager and social worker is changing faster than ever. This workshop will assist in shifting the Helping Professional’s focus to “Work Focused” instead of “Work First” when working with customers. The course has adapted Sir John Whitmore’s GROW coaching model with the CW 2.0 philosophy and tools in assisting the participant with progressing forward. This course also includes instruction, opportunities for reflection, practice of skills and strategies that are useful in helping WTW participants change their lives. It focuses on strategies case managers use to establish and maintain a helping relationship with caseworkers and participants.

By the end of this workshop, participants will:

  • Have practical steps with the GROW model to develop a meeting into a progressive and focused conversation.
  • Focus on engagement strategies needed throughout the coaching process in WTW.
  • Practice using tools in being pro-active instead of reactive in working with resistance.
  • Using the CW 2.0 Road map to have the customer create their own action plan
  • Gain additional tools in identifying customers’ challenges and addressing concerns to promote progress."
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