Intermediate PLUS Excel: Data Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts

This workshop is designed to create proficiency using Excel to analyze data, including importing data, using the Tables features, Conditional Formatting, Pivot Tables/Chart and Data Tables. Keyboard shortcuts will be discussed and practiced, helping participants use Excel more efficiently, as well as reduce the need to use the mouse while operating in Excel. Participants will be expected to import data to use in the class from provided database and text files and will practice various methods to view and analyze this data. The course will also show participants how to do a Mail Merge with Microsoft Word. Participants will be given a prepared Excel Workbook with exercises to be practiced as a group, as well as a prepared Word file, and a data-set from Microsoft Access.

Topics Include:
  • Learn and Practice commonly accessed Keyboard Shortcuts for data analysis.
  • Practice importing and using various tools to view and modify your data in a more meaningful way, including pivot tables and charts.
  • Practice integrating Excel with Word to create a Mail Merge.
  • Using Data Tables to perform two-variable calculations for multiple scenarios.
  • Practice protecting cells (including data validation), sheets and workbooks.
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