Intermediate Excel: Formatting Charts Graphs and Formulas

This workshop is designed to create proficiency using Excel for everyday tasks, including using basic formulas and formatting cells, worksheets and the printed page. Keyboard shortcuts will be discussed and practiced, helping participants use Excel more efficiently, as well as reduce the need to use the mouse while operating in Excel. Basic data analysis tools like Sorting, Filtering, If Statements, and DSUM will be practiced, as well as creating charts and graphs that can help analyze data and are easy to read. Participants will be given prepared Excel Workbooks with exercises to be practiced as a group. Topics include: Keyboard Shortcuts, Cell, Worksheet and Page Formatting, Sorting/Filtering, Subtotals, Inserting and Formatting Pictures, Graphs and Charts, and Functions such as SUM, AVERAGE, COUNT, If Statements, TRIM, MAX/MIN, LEN, CONCATENATE, ROUND, RAND, LEFT, RIGHT, DSUM, NOW and DAYS.

Topics Include:

  • Learn and Practice commonly accessed Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Practice Formatting text and numerical data within cells, as well as worksheets and printed pages to gain proficiency
  • Practice common data analysis tools such as Sorting, Filtering, If Statements, and DSUM, as well as creating Charts and Graphs to present and analyze data
  • Practice commonly used Excel Functions such as SUM, AVERAGE, COUNT, and functions that help you quickly modify data for clear presentation
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