Motivating Yourself for Success

This workshop is ideal for all any working professional, desiring to increase positive motivation to achieve personal and organizational goals, while enjoying the process. We encourage all staff and all levels of leadership to take this course. The purpose of this workshop is to empower participants to utilize motivation as a workplace skill, which will improve performance, productivity and relationships. Participants will be given proven methods and strategies to increase positive motivation in the workplace. Intrinsic motivational drivers will be revealed, along with predictable motivational interrupters. Through discussions, reflection and skill-building activities, participants choose a personal action plan for continued growth.

Topic Include:

  • Deepening understanding of what motivation is, how it affects us, and the differences between positive and negative motivation.
  • Increasing insight on how to leverage motivation for preferred habits and behaviors
  • Discovering how the brain impacts motivation.
  • Identifying Empowered vs. Dis-empowered approaches to motivation in the workplace.
  • Employing practical key strategies to engaging and motivating others.
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