The Resource Center for Family-Focused Practice, supported by the California Department of Social Services, provides tailored services and training to support juvenile probation placement officers and supervisors. The courses listed below are open for enrollment for Probation Placement Officers and Supervisors.  Please see specific course enrollment policies for more information.

Courses Available But Not Currently Scheduled

Course Title
Advanced Motivational Interviewing
Applying Data for System Improvement
Assessing Child Maltreatment in Out of Home Placement
Assessment and Intervention of Juvenile Sex Offenders
Building a Team for Probation
Case Planning Secrets and Strengths-Based Work with Families
Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) Online Course
Commercially and Sexually Exploited Children (CSEC) for Probation and Group Home Placement
Concurrent Planning: Creating Best Alternatives for Probation Youth in Placement
Connecting Probation Youth with Families and Others
Cultural Competency: Working with Youth and Families
CWS/CMS for Probation Supervisors
Determining Title IV-E Eligible Reasonable Candidates
Engaging Families in Strengths-Based Practice
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Juvenile Probation
Extending Foster Care for Juvenile Justice Youth
Extending Foster Care for Juvenile Justice Youth (one-day version)
Family Finding Begins with Notifying Relatives
Finding a Place They Know to Call Home
Finding Family Begins with Notifying Relatives
Human Trafficking
Integrated Core Practice Model
Juvenile Probation Placement Supervisors: The Way Things Work and Why
Juvenile Probation Placement Supervisors: Creating Permanency and Looking Ahead
Keeping Up with New Mandates and Practice to Improve Juvenile Probation
Leading the Commitment to Youth in Placement
Making Connections for Probation
Mental Health Issues in Juvenile Justice
Motivational Interviewing (Intermediate/Advanced)
Motivational Interviewing for Probation
Permanent Connections for Probation Youth
Probation CWS/CMS Overview Training
Probation Placement Officer Course
Probation Placement Supervisors and Managers Coaching Skill Development: Strategies for Communicating Effectively with Staff
Probation Placement Supervisors: The Way Things Work and Why
Probation: Setting the Stage for Quality Caseworker Visits
Resource Family Approval for Probation
Secrets of Case Planning
Self-Care and Secondary Trauma for Probation
Strengths-Based Work with Families
Supervision and Services
Supporting Probation Placement Case Planning: Strategies for Engaging Families and Supportive Adults
The Skills and Practice of Permanency for Probation Youth
Therapeutic and Psychiatric Medication Needs of Youth in Care
Trauma and Youth in the Juvenile Justice System
Trauma and Youth in the Juvenile Justice System
Trauma-Informed Practice Throughout the Child and Family Teaming Stages
Understanding Business Objects
When Youth Act Out Sexually: Offense or Bad Behavior? Evaluations, Placement Decisions, Treatment and Safety
Working Together: Social Workers, Probation Officers and Parent Partners
Working with Families in the Juvenile Justice System
Youth in Placement: Safety, Services and Supervision
Youth in Transition: Supporting Independence for Probation Youth