Family Finding Begins with Notifying Relatives

Establishment of permanent family connections is very important for normal child development. For youth whose family is in crisis, the support of family members can make a difference. Youth who have been removed from their home and may not be able to return to their family need physical, mental and emotional support to ensure their well-being.  Placement with a suitable relative helps maintain family bonds and can substantially improve the chances for future success of these vulnerable youth.  It has also been found to reduce the number of youth who enter care as well as those who “age out” of foster care without a family. Participants will understand the importance of relative notification and the mandated functions related to federal and state law.

Topics include:

  • Identifying the benefits of relative notification and approaches to gaining relative information in order to maintain family connections
  • Understanding the intent and background of federal and state law and mandated activity
  • Developing effective approaches to identify relatives and engage family members in the process
  • Practicing skills for probation officers to gain relative information and documenting the information
  • Valuing family as lifelong connections and as a primary mechanism of personal identity development for youth
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