In this module, juvenile probation officers will develop knowledge and skills to work with youth in placement, care providers and family members.

Officers will also learn to:

  • Determine appropriate placements based on the youth’s needs and understand responsibility for the youth in placement
  • Understand the legal hearings and findings of six-month reviews
  • Write court reports that support the recommendations and findings
  • Know the specific contact requirements for youth, family and care providers under Division 31
  • Conduct quality reassessments with youth, family, and care providers
  • Develop updated case plans with youth and families
  • Engage youth and family in services through strength-based practice and interviewing skills
  • Develop transitional independent living plans with youth and care providers

As a result of this module, officers will be able to provide supervision and support to youth, care providers and families with a dual focus on reunification and permanency.

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