Connecting Probation Youth with Families and Others

Youth in placement often have been disconnected from caring family for a long time. Some relatives may not even be aware that the youth is no longer living with family. This course discusses the initial steps to finding and engaging family members with the goal of creating life-long, permanent connections for Probation youth.

Topics include:
  • Describing the six stages of the family search, engagement and connections process
  • Defining at least three techniques to engage youth and families in the family search, engagement and connections process
  • Identifing at least three resources that can be accessed and utilized to search for and locate family, friends and others
  • Demonstrating ways to implement aspects of a new paradigm that will increase the likelihood of the family search, engagement and connections process being integrated into daily practice
As a result of this training, participants will be able to conduct family searches and have the initial foundation on how to engage families to increase successes with the process.
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