Therapeutic and Psychiatric Medication Needs of Youth in Care

Many recent initiatives, practice shifts and laws effecting youth in care are focused on the best outcomes for youth. Mental health outcomes and the need to work collaboratively with partner agencies have been identified as one of, if not the most important, domain area. Developing greater confidence in working with youth and providers is needed. Learn about the behavior of probationers, the assessments used, teaming strategies and why the use of therapeutic and psychiatric medication remains in use but is being closely monitored.

Topics include:

  • Mental health therapy services and the goals of each type
  • Recent laws, a youth’s right to effective treatment and issues related to confidentiality and disclosure
  • Common mental health issues that can effect youth
  • The impact of treatment on behaviors
  •  Current theoretical assumptions underlying the interactions of mental health issues with delinquency behaviors
  • Gaining confidence and expertise in soliciting pertinent information and feedback from mental health practitioners as needed for collaborative case planning

As a result of this course, probation officers will have a better understand and be able to make choices related to mental health services on behalf of their youth, as well as have more accurate expectations of the role of mental health treatment in accomplishing emotional and behavioral change.

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