Juvenile Probation Placement Supervisors: The Way Things Work and Why

Frontline supervisors in juvenile probation play a critical role in realizing the vision of their agencies. Today, no role is more important than that of the juvenile placement supervisor. The placement supervisor must ensure that probation officers meet federal and state requirements for case supervision and are working toward reaching positive outcomes in the areas of safety, well-being and permanency for youth and their families. The supervisor sets expectations based on best practice research and supports staff in meeting the often daunting challenges of today’s placement officer.

Topics include:

  • Title IV-E and Division 31 regulations and laws
  • Effective case assessments and case plans
  • Concurrent planning
  • Legal requirements, hearings and findings
  • Achieving permanency, including adoption
  • Ensuring safety and well-being in placement
  • Supporting implementation of placement practices

As a result of this training, supervisors will understand the philosophy and requirements for maintaining Title IV-E funding, expectations and obstacles related to providing effective placement services, and the need to provide a supportive environment for their officers in a time of systemic change.

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