Juvenile Probation Placement Supervisors: Creating Permanency and Looking Ahead

Juvenile probation placement supervisors are charged with overseeing the compliance of probation officers who supervise youth in out-of-home placement.  In addition to ensuring that probation officers meet federal and state requirements for case supervision, supervisors support these officers in their efforts to comply with concurrent planning requirements for these youth.  They accomplish this role by emphasizing the outcomes of safety, well-being and permanency for youth and their families, and by implementing best practices that support the development of lifelong connections for these youth.

During this training, supervisors will learn:

  • Title IV-E and Division 31 regulations and Welfare and Institutions Code law
  • Compliance with Division 31 requirements for concurrent planning:
    • Concepts of permanency planning
    • The relative approval process
    • Legal requirements for hearings and findings 
  • Achieving permanency, including adoption
  • Ensuring safety and well-being in placement
  • How to network with county and state agencies to support best practice

As a result of this training, the supervisor will understand the philosophy of Title IV-E, as well as the requirements for maintaining Title IV-E funding; expectations and obstacles related to providing effective placement services; and the need to provide a supportive environment for their officers in a time of systematic change.  

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