Youth in Transition: Supporting Independence for Probation Youth

Youth transitioning out of the juvenile justice system need assistance in learning and accomplishing normal developmental tasks that face them as they seek permanence in young adulthood. Research shows that creation of a viable transition plan, along with the presence of a supportive adult, provides these youth with the steps and guidance needed during transition. Participants will appreciate that supporting youth and families in efforts to exit the juvenile justice system with an effective transition plan will result in better outcomes for the youth and the community.
Topics include:
  • Understanding the importance of actively engaging youth in the transition planning process to support motivation and self-confidence
  • Knowing funding sources, services and case management practices available to support a youth’s successful transition to adulthood
  • Developing effective transition plans for independence in collaboration with transitioning youth and their support system
  • Learning practice skills for helping youth obtain and maintain employment and/or succeed in achieving educational and vocational training goals
  • Believing in the ability of youth and family to make positive change and achieve defined goals within their potential.
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