Motivational Interviewing (Intermediate/Advanced)

This class assumes basic knowledge in motivational interviewing principles and skills. There will be a short review of the basics with opportunities to expand into deeper knowledge and skill building.

Learning goals for the training include: 

  • To facilitate a deeper understanding of motivational interviewing principles and strategies
  • To improve motivational interviewing skills, including generation of change talk and moving into planning and commitment to action
  • To increase self-awareness of competency in motivation interviewing to be more effective, quicker when working with probationers and families

Participants will: 

  • Review the major principles, techniques, strategies and “spirit” of motivational interviewing
  • Increase their knowledge of strategic interventions to help increase a client’s commitment to change and multiple opportunities for practice
  • Introduction and practice of the framework for a complete motivational interviewing session that leads to positive behavior change
  • Use the motivational interviewing treatment integrity scale to rate an interaction 
Course Code