Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Juvenile Probation

This introductory, three-day class is designed to help provide training to CDSS staff around the topic and issues of juvenile probation. The course will examine the differences in the juvenile delinquency versus dependency court systems, and a brief overview of how and why children are sometimes subject to adult court procedures.

Participants will be able to:

  • Define the purpose of various delinquency court hearings
  • Identify basic legal issues related to probation youth, including:
    • Basic elements of Division 32 regulations
    • WIC 241.1 and dual jurisdiction
    • Elements of juvenile delinquency courts
    • Judicial orders and Title IV-E funding
    • ICWA’s applicability to probation
    • Probation Data and CWS/CMS challenges
    • Evidence-based practices in probation
  • Interpret acronyms of commonly used terms and agencies involved in juvenile probation
  • Know the different types of juvenile probation supervision
  • Understand why youth are tried in juvenile court or in the adult court system 
  • Identify common criminogenic risk factors, physical and behavioral indicators and assessment tools for juvenile offenders 
  • Describe what a probation Title IV-E reasonable candidate look like
  • Identify what consists of “Probation Only” activities
  • Experience a “Probation Training Day” 

This course will provide a framework for understanding the issues around probation youth as well as how to identify, address treatment and service needs for probation youth.   

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