Concurrent Planning: Creating Best Alternatives for Probation Youth in Placement

Youth in the juvenile justice system need permanent lifelong connections, whether with their immediate or extended family or other non-related, supportive and nurturing adults. Concurrent planning is essential to assuring that this process is accomplished. Participants will understand and be able to implement the steps of concurrent planning, including developing permanent plans and plans for independent living.
Participants will build a permanency team and take the steps to achieve permanence for youth in out-of-home placements if it is determined that family reunification cannot be accomplished.
Topics include:
  • Knowing how to engage the family in concurrent planning
  • Developing and implement a concurrent plan
  • Talking to youth and families about concurrent planning
  • Having the ability to communicate the adoption process
  • Conducting relative evaluation and approval
  • Discriminating among the permanency options
  • Utilizing various resources for youth transitioning to adulthood
Participants will have increased skills in assisting youth in understanding the difference between family reunification and concurrent planning.
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