Mental Health Issues in Juvenile Justice

Probation officers often must team up with mental health practitioners to help youth make both emotional and behavioral changes. Probation officers need to develop an understanding of mental health services, how mental health issues impact the behavior of their probationers, and to develop greater confidence in working with mental health providers.

Participants will:

  • Understand what mental health therapy services are available and the goals of each type
  • Understand a youth’s right to effective treatment and issues related to confidentiality and disclosure
  • Understand the common mental health issues that can effect youth
  • Understand that mental health treatment does not necessarily produce law-abiding behaviors
  • Understand current theoretical assumptions underlying the interactions of mental health issues with delinquency behaviors
  • Gain greater confidence and expertise in soliciting pertinent information and feedback mental health practitioners need for case planning

After this training, probation officers will be better prepared to make choices related to mental health services on behalf of their youth and to have more accurate expectations of the role of mental health treatment in accomplishing emotional and behavioral change.

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