Case Planning Secrets and Strengths-Based Work with Families

In this workshop, participants will gain knowledge of the principles of working from a strengths perspective with vulnerable youth and families. The process of engaging families in setting and achieving their own goals for change involves a set of interactive skills and focusing the process on both ends of the protective and safety/risk continuum. Case planning is one of the key elements of evidence-based practices. It has been shown to demonstrate a reduction in youth recidivism rates. When correctly implemented, this best case practice uses the family strengths and engages the youth and family in its development.

Topics include:

  • Creating interactive case plans
  • Focusing on criminogenic needs
  • Learning strategies for engaging youth, families and providers in case planning
  • Helping families develop their vision for the future and their own road map for change
  • Examining purposeful questions and the active listening sequence
  • Gaining an overview of principles of strength-based work with families

As a result of this workshop, participants will improve their knowledge about facilitating a family-focused approach to change. Know how to engage probation youth and families using strength-based techniques. This class will emphasize the importance of incorporating all family members in the case planning process.

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