Applying Data for System Improvement

Administrators are increasingly called upon to understand and apply outcome data to meet children’s needs and to produce positive results consistent with their county’s Self-Assessment and System Improvement Plans. We will answer the question of what happens to data entered in CWS/CMS by providing an orientation on the CDSS/UC Berkeley dynamic website. The session is intended as an introduction for those who are new to the dynamic website, as well as a refresher and more in-depth demonstration for those who have some familiarity with the site.
The goal of the training will be to underscore essential concepts to remember when reviewing outcome data for any jurisdiction, and to help participants use this data resource to focus on the critical issues in their county juvenile probation system.

Topics include:

  • Using data in juvenile justice
  • Background on continuous quality improvement and data-informed practice 
  • Introduction to key concepts to understand when examining systematic outcomes (e.g., entry cohorts, point-in-time counts, and the inter-related nature of outcomes) 
  • Demonstration of the CDSS/UC Berkeley dynamic website
  • Exercise on foundational outcomes for your county
  • Application of the dynamic website to identify target areas for improvement
  • Participants will be prepared to better use data available to them through CWS/CMS.
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