ICPM Practice Behaviors and Courses

California's Integrated Core Practice Model (ICPM) is a unifying framework for child-serving systems across the state. ICPM aligns and integrates initiatives (such as the Continuum of Care Reform, Wraparound, Child and Family Teaming, CANS, and System of Care), building upon the collaborative, interactive practices that agency staff at all levels and partners provide children, youth and families to improve accountability and outcomes.

All trainings for child welfare staff in California are now organized by the following six ICPM practice behaviors, and currently scheduled courses in these categories may be found here:

The California Department of Social Services (CDSS) selects one practice behavior each fiscal year in which all child welfare social workers (who have completed Core) and supervisors must take 6 hours of continuing training. Engagement has been identified as the practice behavior for fiscal year 2023-23, as well as for 2023-24.

The current fiscal year category is Engagement.