SOP Safety Planning

Prerequisite: Completion of the SOP Foundational Institute is required

This hands-on, Safety Organized Practice (SOP)-based class will offer participants advanced training in the development of meaningful, collaborative and comprehensive safety plans that are rigorous, behaviorally specific and sustainable. Additionally, this class will focus on developing a support system for families which involves identifying people who care about the family and can support the family in achieving and maintaining safety for their children beyond the closure of their child welfare case.

After attending this training, participants will be able to:

  • Understand how to build relationships with families to build consensus and promote the development of meaningful safety plans
  • Integrate the use of multiple tools to identify and strengthen safety networks who will support the safety plan
  • Create concrete and meaningful harm & danger statements / safety goals
  • Build safety plans that are collaborative, rigorous, behaviorally specific and action driven
  • Know when to create an immediate, ongoing or after-care safety plan
  • Use Solution Focused Questions to engage the Child & Family Team (CFT) to identify past acts of protection that can be utilized in the plan
  • Understand and value the family as the best source of information about their lives and culture.
  • Recognize that any child welfare intervention is a likely source of trauma for a family, and value a trauma-informed, culturally humble approach to their work with families during the safety planning process.


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