Secondary Trauma, Burnout and Self-Care Learning Circle for Line Staff

This learning circle will bring together child welfare social workers to address issues of secondary trauma, burnout and self-care, particularly in the time of COVID. It will provide an opportunity for social workers to learn strategies for self-care and trauma resilience that they, in turn, can use with children, youth and families involved in the child welfare system.

Learning circles are a unique training opportunity for child welfare staff to come together with the support of a facilitator/instructor for brief educational content followed by the opportunity for discussion, group sharing and peer-to-peer learning in a safe space. Content of learning circles is customized to the needs of the group that emerge during the learning experience.

Please note: This event is limited to line staff; please do not attend if you are a supervisor or leader. We will be creating similar events for supervisors soon. Thank you for honoring the importance of creating a safe space for staff!

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