ICPM Manager Convening

Northern and Mt. Valley Child Welfare managers are invited to be part of the second in a series of quarterly convenings to bring together child welfare leaders in our region to collaborate and co-create next steps on how to make the Integrated Core Practice Model (ICPM) an intentional and meaningful practice. These convenings will include visioning work, brainstorming activities, practical tips for implementation support, and learning core practice model behaviors and innovations from each other.

The second convening's main topic will be Messaging and Modeling by Leaders.  Managers will have an opportunity to reflect on how you message and model ICPM behaviors and CWS practices in your county, hear how other counties are approaching ICPM implementation, and learn tangible strategies on how to deepen your messaging and modeling approaches with your staff.  Goals of the convening series include:

  • Learn from and share with other managers how counties are implementing ICPM, especially at the manager level
  • Strategize about how ICPM fits with and creates the foundation for other initiatives that counties are implementing, such as Child and Family Teaming (CFT), CANS, Safety Organized Practice, AB2083, Family First Prevention Services Act, and more
  • Understand implementation science-backed approaches to supporting use of ICPM at all levels of the organization

ICPM, which encompasses the California Child Welfare Core Practice Model (CPM) for child welfare staff and leaders, is a unifying framework for child-serving systems across the state.  ICPM aligns and integrates initiatives (such as the Continuum of Care Reform, Wraparound, CFT, CANS, and System of Care) building upon the collaborative, interactive practices that agency staff at all levels and partners  provides to children, youth and families to improve accountability and outcomes.  We look forward in partnering with you to make ICPM a meaningful reality!

Course Code
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ICPM Manager Convening Dec 1 Dec 1 Enroll Now