Top 20 Requested Courses

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UC Davis Human Services offers hundreds of professional development courses through our Custom Training and Services program. To help you identify which training offerings may work well for your staff, teams and organization, here’s a list of our most requested courses.

Fiscal Year 2021-2022

  1. From the Inside – Out: Understanding your critical role in breaking down structural racism
  2. Science of Self Mastery Series
  3. Nourish to Flourish: Creating Positive Strategies for Work and Life
  4. Understanding Race and Racism in Human Service
  5. Strength Focused Engagement Strategies for Helping Professional
  6. Caring for Our Workforce: Dynamics of a New Office Environment
  7. SOGIE
  8. Working with Diverse Populations
  9. Brief Introduction to Motivational Interviewing
  10. Understanding and Providing Trauma-Informed Services in Our Communities
  11. Vicarious and Secondary Trauma
  12. Team Building
  13. Cultural Competency with LGBTQ+ Individuals and the Community
  14. Fiscal Essentials for Public Assistance Programs
  15. Effective Communication with Challenging Behaviors
  16. Revealing Implicit Bias
  17. Diffusing Hostility and Violence
  18. Trauma Informed Care: Creating a Trauma Informed Organization
  19. Understanding the Impact of Homelessness
  20. Advanced Coaching Skills
  21. Bridges out of Poverty