Advanced Coaching Skills

Coaching starts with believing in the potential of the people you work with and the customers you interact with each day. Whether you are a leader working with your staff, a caseworker interacting with a customer, or a team member working with your peers, the tools you gain in this workshop will help you develop long lasting outcomes. Participants will learn several key elements of effective coaching, including the coaching mindset and essential coaching skills. These tools will help you prepare for conversations and ask powerful questions that inspire thought and lead to discovery. You will have an opportunity to put these skills into action which provides real-time practice,coaching, and feedback. You will leave this workshop with a vision of hope that people are capable, can grow, and can discover great solutions when they are empowered through your coaching.
  • Examine the strategies and philosophies for supporting others in shifting perspectives, improving performance, achieving goals and/or overcoming obstacles
  • Explore the core competencies of coaching conversations
  • Recognize various forms of communication how to use them and the value each brings to a coaching situation
  • Practice the common elements of listening effectively and other key elements of building trust and rapport
  • Explain how the type, timing, and impact of a coach's questioning differs from that of the typical conversation
  • Learn the importance of acknowledgement and messaging
  • Demonstrate coaching skills and share feedback in real time
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