Cross-Cultural Awareness and Working Through Unconscious Bias

Division 21-117.2 of the CDSS’s Civil Rights regulation requires the provision of cultural awareness training programs for all public contact employees. The training shall pertain to specific cultural characteristics of the cultural groups served in the county and to avoid group stereotyping (as mandated by 21-17.21). This workshop will support the participants’ learning to recognize the power and/or impact of their unconscious cultural bias in a diverse work environment.

In this workshop, participants will:

  • increase awareness of their own unconscious prejudices and biases;
  • learn how unconscious (micro-aggressive) engagement can impact the dynamics between the provider and client;
  • (through workshop exercises and activities), learn to recognize how culturally related concerns, issues and miscommunication become cultural conflicts and Civil Rights Division 21 complaints of discrimination; and,
  • learn about communication techniques and conciliatory and mediation engagement skills in order to create a stronger and more consistent provider/client working relationship."
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