Contagion: Prevention Against Toxic Practices While Promoting Trauma-Informed Services

On average, there is a 2-year burnout rate in human services fields. This leads to staff turnover, or worse: toxic staff who contaminate the work culture. When staff experience burnout it effects all aspects of their life and those around them, including the populations they serve. The great news is that burnout, vicarious trauma and a toxic staff can all be alleviated. Join us for some skills and tools to prevent, intervene and counteract the contagions impacting our work culture.

By the end of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Use tools to outlast the two-year burnout rate and sustain their personal well-being in any work environment
  • Identify the different types of workplace contagions such as gossip, vicarious trauma, personal outlook, personalities, and work requirements
  • Understand the significance of vicarious trauma and create a plan to counteract it
  • Take personal responsibly for their own well-being and a tool to help manage it
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