Medi-Cal Renewals 101

Correct processing of Medi-Cal Renewals requires the integration of certain knowledge and skills for the cycle of the case. Throughout this workshop, the instructor will review all of the mandatory forms, full cycle processing and CalHEERS/CalSAWs interfacing. This workshop includes discussion of and opportunity to practice with case and client scenarios encountered in processing Medi-Cal Renewals.

The in-person version of this workshop offers practice in CalSAWS PRT. For virtual trainings, adaptations will be made to simulate this component of the training.

By the end of this course, participants will:

  • Have an understanding of over-arching eligibility concepts related to Medi-Cal renewal processing
  • Know the specific steps of processing a Medi-Cal renewal including the beginning, middle and end
  • Be able to model principles of effective client engagement and the gathering of case information
  • Increase skill level with CalSAWS entries in order to obtain correct eligibility determinations and an understanding of its interface with CalHEERS
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