Top 25 Requested Courses

UC Davis Human Services offers hundreds of professional development courses through our Custom Training and Services program. To help you identify which training offerings may work well for your staff, teams and organization, here’s a list of our most requested courses from the most recently completed fiscal year.

  1. From the Inside Out: Understanding Your Critical Role in Breaking Down Structural Racism (available in our course catalog)
  2. Fiscal Essentials for Public Assistance Programs
  3. Intermediate Medi-Cal Eligibility
  4. Generational Diversity in the Workplace
  5. Medi-Cal Renewals 101
  6. Caring for Our Workforce: Dynamics of a New Office Environment (available in our course catalog)
  7. Effective Communication with Challenging Behaviors
  8. Growing Self, Growing Others Series
  9. Refuge Cash Assistance (RCA) Program and Related Business Processes
  10. Vicarious and Secondary Trauma: Toxic Stress, Compassion Fatigue and Burnout
  11. Cross Cultural Awareness: Implicit Bias and Cultural Competence
  12. Enhancing Supervision: Boosters that Refresh Your Skills
  13. Medi-Cal Program Updates - DHCS Pandemic Health Emergency Unwinding Training (available in our course catalog)
  14. Understanding the Principles of Results-Based Accountability
  15. Revitalizing the Human Services Professional
  16. The Soul of Cultural Humility
  17. Motivational Interviewing for Welfare to Work Professionals
  18. Advanced Coaching Skills
  19. Contagion: Prevention Against Toxic Practices While Promoting Trauma Informed Services
  20. Mental Health First Aid
  21. Calmness and Balance
  22. One Team, No Seam
  23. Nourish to Flourish: Creating Positive Strategies for Work and Life
  24. Field Safety for Adult and Aging Services (available in our course catalog)
  25. Motivating Yourself for Success