Professional Development

Continued professional development is critical to employees at all levels within an organization because it ensures they will remain competent in their profession. This type of learning is an ongoing process and continues throughout a helping professional’s career. The ultimate outcome of well-executed professional development training is that it safeguards the public, the agency and the employee (both personally and professionally). By investing in continued professional development of its employees, human services agencies can:

  • Ensure their capabilities keep pace with the current standards of others in the same field
  • Ensure that staff enhance and maintain the knowledge and skills necessary to deliver service to the community they serve
  • Help staff learn new ways they can continue to make meaningful contributions to their team, become more effective in the workplace and assist them with career advancement
  • Lead to increased retention, build confidence and credibility and make succession planning easier
  • Re-energize staff resulting in improved efficiency and happier, healthier organizations

Bring Advanced Skills Practice Workshops to Your County

To learn more about training opportunities, browse within the subject areas below. To inquire about scheduling advanced skills practice workshops in your county, please submit an In-County Training Request or contact your assigned Public Education Specialist.