CalWORKs 2.0: Assessing and Responding to Executive Function Development

Executive functioning (EF) is a theoretical construct that represents a domain of cognitive processes. These cognitive processes regulate, contro, and manage other cognitive processes. Executive functioning is a broad description of the set of processes that are involved in certain areas of cognitive and behavioral control.

Executive processes are integral to higher brain function, particularly in the areas of goal formation, planning, goal-directed action, self-monitoring, attention, response inhibition and coordination of complex cognition and motor control for effective performance.

This course includes an emphasis on instruction, opportunities for reflection, and the opportunity to practice skills and strategies that are useful in helping Welfare to Work participants make positive changes within their lives. This course also includes a focus on strategies that case managers can use in helping participants develop the EF skills necessary for independence with GPRD and/or My Road Map tools. Participants will also have the opportunity to complete a self-assessment of their strengths and opportunities for growth.

Topics include:

  • Identifying the 12 main executive functioning (EF) skills
  • Completing a self-assessment of strengths and opportunities for growth
  • Understanding why executive dysfunction is important to identify with participants
  • Understanding the impact of executive skills in daily life at work and at home
  • Learning and applying key strategies in developing specific Executive Functioning skills
  • Applying EF skill development with the GPDR and/or My Road Map tools
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