Case Management in Adult and Aging

As with any adult services field of work, time management and self-care are critical elements that support a social worker’s ability to be an effective case manager. This training focuses on case management concepts, principles of practice, time management and how they relate to time for self-care while at work. In addition, participants learn and value that working as a part of a team to meet the needs of clients, burnout prevention, safety and critical thinking are all areas that encompass case management in the Adult and Aging arena. Participants will examine the differences of the various case management models and identify the value in integrating the case management models to better support the clients’ needs. This includes intentional interviewing to ensure the correct information is captured during the interview process, all while maintaining professional boundaries.

Topics include:

  • Examining various case management models and discovering how they work together
  • Identifying ways to integrate the various case management models
  • Understanding how case management and time management support each other
  • Developing tools to enhance intentional interviewing while maintaining professional boundaries
  • Understanding the importance of self-care and ways to incorporate it into each day
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