Field Safety and De-escalation Skills for Adult Services

This workshop develops the skills necessary for responding in a crisis-situation and provides opportunities to practice intervention techniques. Participants will learn how to develop and maintain trust and respect in working with In Home Supportive Services and Adult Protective Services families.The course content will assist participants in effectively responding to challenging behavior and customers who have experienced major loss and trauma.

Learning Objectives

  • Identifying what precipitates crises to respond appropriately for the best outcome.
  • Understanding the importance of being trauma informed and how early chronic trauma affects behavior and reactions when customers are in crisis.
  • Diffusing verbal and physical escalated situations with techniques backed by FBI Crisis negotiation tactics.
  • Employing verbal de-escalation strategies for adults with Dementia.
  • Recognizing personal escalation signs and how to manage self-control as the situation escalates.
  • Reviewing tips for Home Visit Safety in the field for both staff and customers.
Course Code