CWS/CMS Statewide

About These Courses

The Northern Academy offers Child Welfare Services/Case Management System (CWS/CMS) training to Northern and Mountain Valley California counties and to the California Department of Social Services staff who previously accessed the training through the statewide training contract.

We offer the full array of training including new user, business objects, health and education passport, help desk and other CWS/CMS training topics. We also offer SafeMeasures training for line staff, supervisors and managers.

CWS/CMS Training to Fulfill Core Requirement

There is a CWS/CMS training requirement for Core, which may be fulfilled by completing the first day of the CWS/CMS for New Users training. However, it is strongly recommended that you complete all four days of the training. You may register for CWS/CMS for New Users through the currently scheduled sections below.

How to Enroll

To enroll, select the title of the course you are interested in, review the course details, then click the "Enroll Now" button. You’ll be redirected to the California Child Welfare Training System (CACWT), where you will be required to log in to your account and follow the prompts to complete your registration. If you do not have a CACWT account, please contact your county training coordinator to request a profile be created for you.


If you need help enrolling or have any questions contact us at (530) 757-8725 or