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Meet the Award Winners

Nine individuals were honored at the Partnerships for Well-Being Institute in June 2022. These award winners were selected for their outstanding dedication to their work and their impact in improving outcomes for children and families involved with California’s systems of care. 

Partnerships for Well-Being Institute Opens Up Dialogue to Cultivate a Trauma-Informed System of Care

By listening and learning from others’ experiences, creating a trauma-informed system of care becomes more attainable in a way that strengthens the voice of the child, youth and family. Hosted by UC Davis Human Services, the Partnerships for Well-Being Institute provided a valuable opportunity for providers and professionals serving children and families to share perspectives. More than 620 people attended the conference, including practitioners in child welfare, behavioral health, early childhood, education and probation as well as other specialists serving children and families.

Motivational Interviewing: An Overview

Healthy behavior is linked to improved well-being for individuals, families and communities.  The challenge of addressing unhealthy behavior can be complex and often depends on sustained behavior change at the individual level. Motivational Interviewing is a counseling approach that can help people identify their feelings about behavior change, resolve inconsistencies with how they feel about making behavior change(s), and then make a plan to follow and update as needed.

A Personal Journey to a Career of Supporting Families

By Kat Baysmore, Lead Parent Partner, Olive Crest

My name is Katherine Baysmore, but my friends, peers and clients call me Kat. I have three amazing children. My youngest has special needs, and I can say he has taught me the most about advocacy, patience and understanding needs without spoken words.

From the Director: A New Experience of Resiliency

By Nancy Hafer, M.S., Director, Resource Center for Family-Focused Practice. It will not surprise anyone given the last 18 months, that we landed on the theme of Resilience for this issue of our newsletter. Over the years, the Wraparound field has, of course, long tapped into resiliency and the building of resilience within our families and our workforce. And, over this pandemic year, I believe we all had “a new experience of resiliency,” digging deep to persevere… and just get through it. In This eNewsleeter issue highlights some key research and thinking around this topic. And as we come out of the pandemic, we have the opportunity to reflect on what got us through.

Beyond Trauma: ACES

Emmy Werner and Ruth Smith, Resiliency research pioneers, define Resilience as “In the context of exposure to significant adversity, whether psychological, environmental or both, resilience is both the capacity of individuals to navigate their way to health-sustaining resources, including opportunities to experience feelings of wellbeing, and a condition of the individual’s family, community and culture to provide these health resources and experience in culturally meaningful ways" (Ungar, 2008).