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New Year? We’re in the Air!

It wouldn’t be entirely accurate to say we’ve hit the ground running in 2024 here at the Resource Center for Family Focused Practice; in fact, there might not have been any contact with the ground at all. We were absolutely flying to end 2023 and continue to soar as a team straight into 2024.

We Never Gave Up! Ten Years After Wraparound

This family’s story was first featured in the October 2012 issue of the California Wraparound Connections Newsletter—10 years ago! I had the honor of following up on this family and seeing where they are now. Let’s find out!

Embracing Wraparound Service Continuums

In recent years, California has taken significant steps towards transforming its support for youth and families within our communities. Central to this transformation is the implementation of readily available service options for families when they are in critical need, eliminating the need to wait until their crisis worsens before they can receive support.

Understanding the Crisis Cycle

In the world of Wraparound services, we share a profound commitment to supporting families in crisis. We understand that each family is unique, and the challenges they face are equally distinct. To effectively assist them, it is essential for both staff and families to grasp the intricacies of crisis cycles

“One Day I Want to do Your Job!” A Ten-Year Retrospective

Ten years ago, I sat with my Wraparound team in a Child and Family Team Meeting as they talked about how well our family was doing. Right then, something inside me lit up. After the meeting, I was talking to my Family Partner, Ebony Chambers. “One day I want to do your job.,” I told her. “I want to help caregivers in the same way you have helped me!”

“Wraparound completely changed my grandson Diego’s Life!”

It all started when a probation officer offered Wraparound to Pam as an option for her grandson, Diego. Pam said she felt inspired to try it, particularly because it was inclusive for grandparents and it was a team-based approach to put together a plan for a their needs. Also, after 27 years in recovery and Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Pam saw similarities in Wraparound that felt like it overlapped with AA in a positive manner.

Leaping into Wraparound

An origin story of a Wraparound champion who learned that trailblazing and innovation are the keys to the success of the Wraparound process.

Exciting Updates to the California Wraparound Standards

The California Department of Social Services is excited to announce the updated California Wraparound Standards (DRAFT) as part of the CA Wraparound Standards Toolkit! The Standards are intended to clarify practice expectations with the goal of improving Wraparound fidelity across California.  

All In

Wraparound to me are those first meetings. The long days being in crisis with families that we’ve built strong connections with, the countless phone calls from kiddos because they feel comfortable calling to talk through challenges they might be facing, or the one-on-one interventions we do to help shape a more positive outcome.  That “all in” mentality that every single wraparound staff has is one of the many reasons why I have become as passionate about Wraparound as a whole.