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National Conference on Coaching Inspires Human Services Professionals to “Cultivate a Growth Mindset”

Despite challenges faced with COVID-19 over the past two years, the coaching of staff (and their clients) continues to play a critical role in health and human services––now more than ever. Hosted by UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education–Human Services, the 2022 National Conference on Coaching in Human Services provided a valuable opportunity to bring together professionals from across the nation to develop and support coaching programs that benefit human services professionals, their organizations and the clients they serve.

Great Leaders Rewire Brains

By Laurie Ellington

When it comes to implementing a new strategy or practice within an organization, the organizational culture will have a massive say in whether implementation succeeds or fails. The challenge for leaders, then, is as stubborn and persistent as it is natural: Culture will not change without resistance.

Pilot Study: Impact of Coaching on Implementing Safety Organized Practice

In 2012, The Northern Academy at UC Davis developed a coaching model to support the implementation of Safety Organized Practice (SOP) within their service area. Since that time, the use of coaching has spread across the region, state and country; however, limited information has been available regarding coaching's efficacy for SOP implementation, as well as the particular elements of any coaching model that are linked to any gains.

Evolving from Supervised Visits to Family Time Coaching

In the field of child welfare, we have typically used the term “visitation” to refer to time between children or youth placed in foster care and their parent or other caregiver from whom they were removed. While the goal of time between the child and parent is multifaceted, the primary goal is to support the child’s needs and promote a healthy, age-appropriate relationship between parent and child with support from a parent coach.

2019 Coaching Webinar Series

In between the 2018 and 2020 Coaching Conference, the Northern Academy presented a five-part coaching webinar series exploring several of the hottest trends in coaching.

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