• California Wraparound Steering Committee
  • In July 2020 the California Department of Social Services (CDSS) and UC Davis Human Service’s Resource Center for Family-Focused Practice (RCFFP) partnered to convene the first California Wraparound Steering Committee meeting. The Steering Committee adopted the following as their purpose statement in September 2020: “The purpose of the Steering Committee is to develop a collaborative California Wraparound community that seeks to build continuity in practice and improve equitable safety, wellbeing and permanency outcomes for children and families through the provision of high-fidelity Wraparound programs.”

    Further, the Steering Committee jointly plans the California Wrapround Advisory Committee (CWAC) meetings, communicate what is and isn’t working from the field, analyze data, review curriculum and co-create policy, program, fiscal and workforce development guidance and proposals for input, advice and feedback from the California Wraparound community.

    The Steering Committee was selected to ensure representation from county child welfare, probation, behavioral health and fiscal agencies; Wraparound providers; parent and youth partners; local education agencies; Wraparound Hubs; CWAC workgroups; and Wraparound champions at-large.

    California Wraparound Steering Committee Members
    Amy Bailey, California Department of Social Services
    Tom Cella, Star View Community Services
    Rebekah Cox, UC Davis Human Services
    Lauren Crutsinger, Seneca Family of Agencies
    TerryLynn Fisher, Retired
    Anabel Godoy, Olive Crest
    Nancy Hafer, UC Davis Human Services
    Manuel Lua, Victor Community Support Services
    Brittany Nelson, Casa Pacifica
    Jonathan Nibbio, Family Care Network
    Chris Pettee, California Department of Social Services
    Michael Rauso, LA County DCFS
    Elizabeth Rhodes, Humboldt County DHHS
    Dawne Shaw, UC Davis Human Services
    Kim Stokem, Contra Costa County Behavioral Health
    Jarred Vermillion, Heroes Initiative
    Thomas Webster, Santa Clara Probation
    Daniel Wilson, California Department of Social Services
    Janine LeSieur, California Department of Social Services

    Collectively, this team has over 215 years of Wraparound experience, and they represent backgrounds, experiences, roles, knowledge, organizations and geographies from across California that are as diverse and varied as the California Wraparound community itself.

    Through their efforts, the Steering Committee is also paving the way for implementation of the Family First Prevention Services Act (FFPSA). The FFPSA is federally mandated legislation that provides support to prevent entry into foster care, specialized services to foster youth in care and prioritizes family-based settings for all youth. The Governor’s proposed 2021/2022 state budget appropriates additional funding to meet FFPSA Part IV’s after-care mandate to provide support services for youth transitioning from STRTPs to family-based settings. Wraparound has been proposed as the vehicle through which to provide transitioning youth the support services required to ensure their permanency, pending budget and associate trailer bill approval. FFPSA is discussed in more detail in section e. below.
  • California Wraparound Advisory Committee
  • California Wraparound Advisory Committee
  • Wraparound Work Groups
  • In preparation for FFPSA Part IV’s after-care requirement, the Wraparound Steering Committee has developed three workgroups:

    Fiscal and Organizational Leadership
    The purpose of this group is to support the fiscal fidelity of Wraparound programs. This includes identification of potential funding streams to braid funds, development of a Wraparound estimated cost expense plan and encouraging the use of flexible funding. The group is also developing guidance regarding Wraparound contracts and serving out of county youth with Wraparound.

    Fidelity and Outcomes Data
    The purpose of this group is to develop, measure, and analyze Wraparound fidelity and outcomes statewide. This will include the development of guidance for CWS/CMS data entry for Wraparound, a California Wraparound Theory of Change document, and the implementation of a statewide data collection system.

    Workforce Development
    The purpose of this group is to develop requirements, guidance, and curriculum regarding training, coaching, supervision, recruitment, selection, and retention of Wraparound staff. This will include, but is not limited to facilitators, parent partners, youth partners, supervisors, and program leadership for both county-administered and provider-administered Wraparound programs.

    These workgroups will convene on an ongoing basis to support the successful implementation of FFPSA Part IV.
  • Wraparound Hubs
  • Wraparound Hubs
  • Partnerships for Well Being
  • Partnerships for Well Being