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California Wraparound Standards Toolkit

Supporting families and children utilizing human services in California

Welcome to the California Wraparound Toolkit. This Toolkit will provide the California Wraparound community with the necessary resources to implement High-Fidelity Wraparound, leading to improved outcomes for children and families involved in the System of Care.

How Can We Improve the Toolkit?

This Wraparound Toolkit is intended to be an evolving set of effective tools and resources. CDSS will continue to work with partners to update the Toolkit with timely, relevant, and useful information. This Toolkit is informed by high-fidelity practices, policies, workforce development, and organizational and fiscal structures from a multitude of providers and counties across the state and nation. Conversations, research, and data will continue to inform this tool. The CDSS and our partners look to all counties, providers, and organizations to provide feedback and ideas. Please submit your suggestions and feedback to or visit our CDSS website.