Foster Care (FC) Eligibility Course Description

Accuracy is crucial when counties make Title IV-E Foster Care eligibility determinations. This Web-Based Training will enhance the knowledge of and understanding of Title IV-E Foster Care eligibility requirements for County Welfare Departments (CWDs), County Probation Departments and Title IV-E Indian Tribes. This training will also provide guidance for the appropriate use of foster care forms and documentation used for determining foster care eligibility.

Topics include:

  • Foster Care Eligibility general eligibility requirements
  • Claiming a Foster Care case as Federally Eligible
  • Foster Care Eligibility AFDC-FC Redeterminations
  • Foster Care Eligibility Foster Care Episodes – Reassessment of Federal/Non-Federal Determination

Through this online workshop, participants will understand Foster Care eligibility and be able to explain eligibility and claiming requirements of the program.

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