Foster Care (FC) Eligibility Course Description

Accuracy is crucial when counties make Title IV-E Foster Care eligibility determinations. This Web-Based Training will enhance the knowledge of and understanding of Title IV-E Foster Care eligibility requirements for County Welfare Departments (CWDs), County Probation Departments and Title IV-E Indian Tribes. This training will also provide guidance for the appropriate use of foster care forms and documentation used for determining foster care eligibility.

Topics include:

  • Foster Care Eligibility general eligibility requirements
  • Claiming a Foster Care case as Federally Eligible
  • Foster Care Eligibility AFDC-FC Redeterminations
  • Foster Care Eligibility Foster Care Episodes – Reassessment of Federal/Non-Federal Determination

Through this online workshop, participants will understand Foster Care eligibility and be able to explain eligibility and claiming requirements of the program.

Course Code
Title Start Date End Date Enrollment
Foster Care (FC) Eligibility Jul 1 Jun 30 Enroll Now