Consultation and Information Sharing Framework and Group Supervision

Consultation and information sharing framework is a comprehensive approach to elicit information and organize the information to assist in critical thinking and decision making and provides a path for thinking critically about families with referrals or open cases in the child welfare system. The framework is used in partnership with families, or can be used as a consultative tool in group supervision or consultation. It also provides the opportunity to discuss the genogram/ecomap and the reasons for referral, risk statements, complicating factors, safety, strength/positive factors and the purpose/focus of consultation to help inform a collaborative agreement on next steps. The framework is an expanded and refined version of the safety mapping process within Safety Organized Practice.

This half-day group consultation/refresher is intended to allow Butte County practitioners time to discuss the implementation of these tools, both the strengths and challenges that have been faced to date, and what can be done to assist in the successful future implementation.

Please bring examples of times when you have used these tools or have considered their use. After this session you will be invited to try facilitating or participating in a framework-focused discussion with either a family or your co-workers/supervisor. This course will have a second half-day follow-up session on March 22 in Oroville and March 23 in Chico, as an opportunity to discuss strengths and challenges you have discovered in using the framework between sessions.

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