The Hubs have been active the past several months! Below we provide updates on the key focus areas of the Hub meetings and provide general updates. If you would like more detailed meeting minutes from a specific Hub meeting please email Nancy Hafer, or the chairs of each Hub:

Hub chairs and contact info

Northern Co-chairs: Lauren Crutsinger, and Sharon Patterson-Mays,

Central Chair: Brittany Nelson,

Southern Co-chairs: Rebekah Cox, and Dawne Shaw,

As those of you who attend the Hub can attest, the Hub is a wonderful place to connect with colleagues and share the ups and downs of Wraparound work.

Statewide Updates

UC Davis is updating its Wraparound curricula, and trainings will be available in the spring. The Wraparound Connections newsletter is now online-only. Please contact Nancy Hafer and Lynn Jones to nominate a family to share their Wraparound success story for the newsletter. The RCFFP hosts a Parent Partner Advisory Committee which meets every six weeks (alternating meetings are held in-person at UC Davis). If you have a parent partner who would like to participate please contact Nancy Hafer.

The 2020 Partnerships for Well-Being Institute: Visioning an Integrated Future takes place June 3-5 at the Hyatt Regency Anaheim/Garden Grove. Visit the conference web page to read about keynote presenters and, of course, to enroll!

The California Department of Social Services EPIC (Early Practice Interventions for Children and Families) unit has taken on the Wraparound programs and is looking at statewide differences and best practices in implementing Wraparound services, as well as updates to the ASIST program, which serves 13 counties.

In an effort to increase participation, CWAC is looking for different locations to meet. If anyone would like to host a CWAC meeting (and have a facility that can hold up to 65 people and preferably near an airport) please contact Lakisha Green at The next CWAC meeting will be held April 8 in Sacramento. In addition, the mission and purpose of the CWAC was discussed, with the question asked, “how can CWAC be improved?” Ideas for increasing attendance included adding options for conference calls.

The Heroes Initiative shared information gleamed from their work across the state of California to identify needs related to Wraparound, and provided information about the Hub Connections, a platform they have created for Wraparound providers to discuss issues and ask questions.

Central Hub

The Central Hub met in Fresno on October 25, 2019, and was hosted by Stars, Inc, Fresno County. Agencies from Fresno, Kern and Santa Barbara attended. Each agency provided updates and had a robust conversation regarding Wraparound hot topics.

County updates included Fresno County’s success in parent cafes, attracting parents who have been discharged from Wraparound wanting continued support. Probation provided a training to give a better understanding of the juvenile justice system and outcomes for children in the system. Discussion also focused on implementing STRTPS and group homes. In Kern County, Wraparound and parent café outcomes have been successful, though unplanned discharges have increased, losing children to intensive foster homes. In Santa Barbara County, topics included probation referrals, CWS referrals, and updates on the changes in the intensity of clients and the increase in crisis calls and in-person responses.

Next Central Hub Meeting: April 17 in Kern County

Northern Hub

The Northern Hub met on November 7, 2019, and was hosted by Seneca Family of Agencies in Fairfield. Participants included San Francisco FCS, Seneca Family of Agencies, Shasta County HHSA, Heroes Initiative, Uplift Family Services, Encompass Community Services, Aspiranet and Stanford & Sierra.

Continuum of Care Reform was discussed, specifically how to get more kids in family-based settings. Shasta County and Contra Costa County discussed how step-down and prevention are handled, as well as the presentation of data and statistics related to step-down and prevention. Other issues related to STRTP’s and Wraparound included the development of partnerships, the hand-offs between STRTPs and Wraparound, and staying open with youth as they go to STRTP so they don’t have to go through the assessment process again if they step down.

Next Northern Hub Meeting: February 6, hosted by Uplift Family Services in Sacramento

Southern Hub

The Southern Hub met on November 4, 2019. Participants included Oak Grove Center, San Bernardino County, Heroes Initiative, VCSS and Olive Crest.

San Bernardino County has implemented ASIST for the past two months, and 25 families are actively part of ASIST in the county. Providers have implemented regular Wraparound practices and explored what can be done further for these families, and identifying family members who can be supported with permanency.

Potential future training topics discussed include: how Wraparound is using CANS data, Wraparound fidelity and Mobile Mentor pilot updates tentatively in May.

Next Southern Hub Meeting: February 24, hosted by Olive Crest, 525 Technology Court, Riverside, CA 92507