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New Video Series Delves into the Role and Impact of Parent Partners

With a parent partner on the team, families become more involved in services, have lower rates of re-entry, and experience higher rates of success.

The Resource Center for Family-Focused Practice at UC Davis Human Services is please to share a new resource for parent partners.  Our “Strength of Parent Partners” video series highlights the importance of parent partners when working with system-involved youth and families and provides resources and information for parent partners to connect. Hear from some of our top parent partner trainers, consultants and leaders as they discuss the importance of the parent partner role at the state level in accomplishing system change for youth and families, the importance of networking for parent partners to connect and elevate their practice, and the importance of parent partners staying informed regarding the latest innovations and initiatives. Learn more about the Parent Partner Advisory Committee and Peer Partner Hubs, which provide opportunities for peer partners to connect statewide. Most importantly, witness the special bond between parent partners and the families they work with, and hear firsthand how impactful it is for caregivers to have a person with lived experience working alongside them.

We hope this video series can be a helpful resource for your team in raising awareness and appreciation for the crucial work parents partners do to support youth and families.

Some suggested ways to use this video are:

  • To provide training and information for
    • The Child Welfare Directors Association (CWDA) and the Judicial Counsel
    • The Mental Health Directors Association
    • New social workers, probation officers or other staff that will work alongside parent partners
    • New or prospective parent partner hires
  • to inform parents who are newly participating in the child welfare system in the role of parent partner
  • In spreading the word regarding the amazing work of parent partners through
    • Trainings, conferences, and events
    • Wraparound and Peer Partner Hubs
    • News blasts from California Department of Social Services (CDSS)
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