Linkages Revisited

The Linkages Project was implemented by pioneer counties with the direction and support of CDSS and the California Center for Research on Women and Children in 2000. This project represented a collaborative approach between child welfare and CalWORKs staff in serving families, with a focus on prevention prior to intervention. Fast forwarding twenty years later, the philosophy of Linkages remains, and has impacted culture and service delivery across the field of human services. Helping professionals are working together to maximize success for families through the coordination of services and case planning, by preventing duplication of efforts, and by ensuring families have the resources needed.

The commitment to empower families through integrated service delivery and coordinated efforts can be seen across human services. The Linkages philosophy has inspired and informed initiatives that have followed, such as housing support programs and family stabilization.

Collaborative efforts between Child Welfare, Behavioral Health and Recovery Services, and Employment and Eligibility staff remain. Human Services at UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education understands and champions the Linkages philosophy, and can offer developmental opportunities for organizations to keep this important approach in focus.

To learn more about Linkages, please visit this website.

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