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Healthy Davis Together: A Model for COVID-19 Safety

As the country fights back against the spread of COVID-19, UC Davis has done its most to protect its students and staff from rising case numbers. In fact, its partnership with the City of Davis, known as Healthy Davis Together, aims to expand its shield from the UC Davis campus to the Davis community as a whole. By providing free rapid testing, contact tracing, isolation housing and masks, this initiative has successfully slowed the spread of COVID-19 in Davis by identifying and containing infection before it can spread.

This remarkable initiative owes its success not only to the wealth of resources UC Davis has access to, but also to the community engagement that has encouraged local businesses to get involved with the city’s efforts. Healthy Davis Together has been such a success that it has caught the attention of several renowned national news outlets.

It has been called “the most ambitious program of its type in the country” by the New York Times and a potential “model not just for protecting a town, but for protecting whole nations” by NBC.

UC Davis is proud and honored to receive recognition for the efforts of our dedicated healthcare staff.

Read our feature in the New York Times here, and watch NBC’s spotlight here.

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