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Leading Reentry to the Workplace (Recorded Webinar)

Leading the workforce back to the workplace is a monumental leadership task.  COVID-19 has created, and will continue to present, remarkable challenges. Responsibilities of keeping staff physically safe while also attending to psychological and social issues triggered by this pandemic are novel and complex. 

On June 8, clinical and organizational psychologist Beth Cohen presented a follow-up webinar on this topic to human services professionals across California.

The psychosocial effects of COVID-19 are expected to last much longer than the virus itself. Understanding and addressing these issues while creating a reentry plan is needed in order to optimize success. We all have been impacted in different ways by this pandemic.  Some individuals will return stressed while others will return reenergized; some will not even return.  The webinar addressed key psychosocial challenges and offer strategies to confront these issues.  The goal is to minimize negative impacts and maximize adaptability, resilience and post-traumatic growth in our workforce, as well as ourselves.  More so than ever before, employees will be looking to their leaders for support, guidance and direction. 

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